Most of the college pranks I was witness to were at my first college, Cedarville College, in Ohio.

It was in the middle of a very small town, in the midst of a very big corn field.

I heard, from my first roommate, of somebody the year before who had been in the same suite as my roommate, who was the last of four brothers to have gone to the school.

As such, he had been regaled with their tales of attending the school, and thought he knew everything...

And made sure to let everybody know that he knew everything.

So one night, the suite have hogtied this fellow with duct tape, and four of them are carrying him to the bathroom (for the purpose of inducting him in the age old ritual of the swirly) while one carries the videocamera, when the RA comes by.

There is a moment of tableau while they all consider the situation. Then the RA says "let me hold the video camera".

My first year there, the folks next door to us were at war with somebody else in the dorm. This lead to the following:

  • The underwear being stolen from the inhabitants drawers, wetted, and then frozen in a large block of ice.
  • A pillow being cut in half, and it's down feather contents being scattered through the room. They were still picking pieces out of their room months later.
  • Power bar pranks: Power bars, properly mangled, bear a rather stunning resemblence to feces. Left in a bed or bathroom, this can lead to a rushed cleansing...