"Cat" is also a verb that has nothing to do with boats (see Mr. Webster's entry for the nautical version).

  1. To behave like a cat, generally in terms of stealthy, hedonistic nocturnal activities and sexual promiscuity. The latter may take on a compulsive, joyless edge if the person in question is being particularly catty.

    • Mike catted around for weeks after his breakup with Barbara. He'd slip in and out of the apartment at all hours; sometimes his bed wasn't slept in for days. Once he came home with a black eye he tried to hide with bronzer and refused to explain. I think he was determined to lay every available woman in town just to get back at Barb for dumping him for Sergio.

  2. To be immobilized by one or more housecats due to their cuteness, potential violence, or sheer weight.

    • I was just about to get up from my desk for some lunch when the new kitten jumped up into my lap. She rolled over adorably and gazed up at me with "pet me" eyes. I couldn't bear to move her off my lap. I was hopelessly catted.

    • Bob went to bed with the flu, shivering and miserable. When he awoke in the night, he found himself very hot and completely unable to move. He had a brief panic: had he had a stroke? Was he dying? Then he saw the furry shapes surrounding him. The twins lay across each of his feet; Roscoe lay between his knees. George was under his left arm, Wilma beside his right, and Peaches lay fluffy and huge across his chest. His blanket was weighed down with over 100 pounds of felines; he was well and thoroughly catted.

    • Octavia decided to cat me right after breakfast. She'd been in a bad mood ever since we'd gotten the new puppy, her feline pride and dignity injured beyond repair by the presence of the slobbering, jumping, yapping little creature that everyone felt compelled to ooh and aah over. "I'm sorry, honey, but I'm late for work." I put a hand under her heavy belly to move her off my lap, but she dug all four claws into my jeans, growled low in her throat and stared at me with an expression that clearly said "You will pet me, and pet me now, monkeyboy!"