The theory which states that any amount more of kittens are not capable of creating more chaos than one kitten is capable of creating, but are in fact capable of being cuter. This is given that any one kitten is capable of being the source of an infinite or finite amount of chaos, or a deceptive amount of either which in fact appears to be the other, but does not withstand that the potential frequency of high chaos is increased by increasing the base factor.

Much like the more hit die you roll the higher the minimum result:
1dKitten where Kitten is equal to infinity is the set of {1,2,3...}

Another proposed variant of the theory also states that given that an infinite line is a circle, infinity must loop back on its self, and there for when rolling a Kitten die one can in fact roll a negative number which means hypothetically multiple Kittens can cancel each other out, there by removing even the minimum chaos factor increase in adding more kittens and further proving the principle.

There is now you see a reason Schrodinger involved a cat in his just got through shredding his furniture.

(It must be understood this theory relies on the postulate that while chaos is limited to meagerness of infinity, cuteness is not.)

(For the record this principle dates back more than a year from posing, and is part of the #Lothlorien Fun Facts since that time. It was originally based on the behavior of IRCers who are feline. Yes, its made up shit but its also been around a while, and has at least a pseudo relevance to something.)

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