But they can have parachutes.

It was a dark and stormy night... and one of our cats was sitting around, when suddenly surprised by a near by thunder crash. She spooks and jumps up and starts running. In the process of running from one point to another, she somehow got the handle of a plastic bag around her midsection.

Now, billowing behind her is a medium sized plastic bag. This completely throws off all of her years of learned reflexes and understanding about her body moves when she runs. Her normally tight turns around objects suddenly become a bit too tight, and she bumps into things. Finally she realizes where to go... under the couch! The couch is downstairs, and so she starts running down the stairs and makes her normal 5th stair to floor jump, and the parachute billows out behind her, slowing her descent ever so slightly, to land on the first step. Everything is going wrong, she doesn't know why her jumps are missing, or her turns are too tight. She gets under the couch and stays there until the storm is long gone.

She does not like thunderstorms.

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