Mye sister Gaby and I wer in are beds half crazy with fere my dad tole us Now girls don’t you get out of bed ANYMOER cause Im not getting you water or teling you stores nothing you just stay n bed and fertheloveofjezus just go to slepe and just to maek sur I put a monster inthe closet and He can here you and if you get up this dore will open so sudenly and the Mnoster will Jump out and ETE YOU UP

Gaby and I rely had to go to the bathroom after that to go to the bathroom rely rely bad we were gona get punisht if we went to the bathroom in our beds agan my dad gets so mad when this hapens. Gaby cant hold it any longer she gos to the bathroom and she begins to cry shes afraid of Dad and the Monster and we don’t know whats going to hurt worse the Monster or Dad.

She says Abby don’t you tell Dad what hapend were gong to have to be quite so we don’t waek the Monster and I say ok Gaby OK. Itsgetn dark out now we are two old foer niteligsts but the wind is rely blowing outside and the mone is out its shining inour windos very britly. The tree branches are skritching and scratchin the windos making two much nois. We are scard the Monster will here the branches and will come out and ete us.

Wen sudenly The Door opens up (I almos wento the bathroom myslefl wen this hapend I was so scared I almos scraemed to but Dad says fertheloveofjezus don’t scraem anymeor you’l get whipped if you scraem noe moer tiem) and Dad was ther saying Why did you girls maek thos noises we said NO DAD NO WE DINT AMEK NOISES

Wen suddenly the closet dor opend up SUDENLY and THERE whAS THE MONSTER HE WA S BIG and He grabd Dad and EAET HIM there was blud everywere and he looked at us we almost scremed when we remembered hey Dad’s gon so we relly DID SCREME and LOUD TWO and he Lookd at us with is Big UGLY yelow Eyes and said Now girls you can go live with your Aunt Janet now.

Aunt Janet is nice. She maeks us pbj sandwiches and gives us milk and never says how much it costs the milk we drink. And Gaby and me we never were scaered of Monsters agan.

Submitted in fulfillment of the annual Everything2 Halloween Noder throwdown, They Hunger For Nodes: An e2 Halloween Scary Story Quest

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