This morning I stepped into the kitchen to find a huge pile of dry green herbs all over the floor. I had no idea what it was, but investigation revealed the tattered remnants of a ziplock baggie, and a note, "catnip tea". I then initiated a thorough search of the tea shelf. My concern was that I might throw away the spilled herbs under the delusion that they were, indeed "catnip tea". In fact, I did not find any other bags so labelled, and therefore felt justified in sweeping up the mess, and leaving it in the compost pile.

There are, as of now, only two suspects: Skyler, chief feline of house security, and Pooka, upstanding citizen. Neither one was seen this morning at the investigation site. Personally, I hate to raise the spectre of corruption in the police force, but frankly, there were clues that Skyler had begun to sample of the other side. He's been acting a little down lately, and been wont to use excessive force while playing. We had written these indications off to despondancy at the investigation into the disappearance of the hamster, Colonel Kernel (Ret.), perhaps, though, there is a more sinister reason.

This afternoon or tomorrow, I plan to figure out just what is in those three baggies of oregano I found.

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