From: The Thorough Good Cook

Sauces: 14. Brown

Take a pound or two of steaks, two or three pounds of veal, lean ham, some pickings of fowl, carrots, and onions; put all these into a saucepan with a glass of water, and set it on a brisk fire. When scarcely any moisture remains, put it on a brisk fire, that the jelly may take colour without burning, and as soon as it is brown, moisten it with stock (or water), add a bunch of parsley and green onions, two bay-leaves, two cloves, and some champignons; salt it well, and set it on the fire for three hours, then strain. Dilute, little browning with your liquor, and boil it an hour over a gentle fire ; take off all the fat, and run it through a tammy.