A mildly spicy steak sauce. Almost every steakhouse has it, and you can dare your friends to drink it out of the bottle.

Heinz, the makers of A1, claim the recipe is over 137 years old, and originated by Henderson William Brand, chef to England's King George IV. He created a special sauce for the king's table. The king is so impressed with the new sauce, he proclaims it "A1." Good for steak, hamburgers, and chicken, stews, or as a dipping sauce.

One of the most confusing ingredients is "Raisins." Hmmmm, can't even taste them.


A classification for the physical size of paper. 29cmx21cm (11"x8") paper is classed as A4, right? A3 is doubled in area (approx. 29cmx42cm), and A1 is quadruple that (approx. 58cmx84cm, or 1'11"x2'8"). This is an insanely big size. Most posters are A2 at most, with the vast majority being A3.

I have never seen this size of paper. Ask me no further questions.

P.S. Those who want to know the rule for paper sizes: easy. Start with A4, which is about 29cmx21cm. If you go up a size, you go down a number in the classification, then double the length of the smaller side. Conversely, to go down a size, you go up one number and halve the larger side. You won't get anything much under about A7 commercially, though, so if for some reason you're a paper fanatic, don't go looking.

That is all I know about A1 paper...

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