Green Onions

And how to chop them

Green Onions? Yeah, we use them at Taco Bell. They're only put on a few things, such as the Mexican Pizza, the Chicken Burrito, the Nachos Supreme, and its larger cousin, the Nachos Bellgrande. They're diced into very small little o-shaped pieces. They're very green in color and they have an awesome taste... kinda fruity, yet spicy like a regular onion. They do enhance the flavor of these items they're put on, and aren't just for decoration or garnish.

Should you ever find yourself cutting them with a knife, like I do quite often, take care not to slice your thumb open. It's best to remove the rubber band at the top of the bundle first (assuming it's bundled with two rubber bands, one at the top of the stalk and one down at the base) and then start chopping from the top of the bundle, using small and short cuts... pushing the knife down and away from your body, at an angle. Get your wrist into it too, with a slightly wavy motion. Cut downwards until you've reached the white part clear down at the bottom, and save that or throw it away. They can be used for some other things, actually, but it's preferred that you not mix them in with the good green onions that you just chopped so well. Be sure to chop slow and easy, taking care to chop them very finely into small pieces, and you should come through it nicely, with little or no blood loss!

Thank you, and please exit through the door to your right.

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