You are dreaming of E2. You click on a softlink. There is an insane flood of information. You wake up. Your sheets are sticky. You're not sure you want to know why.

You are on a beach; you bury LEGO there for safe keeping. You come back the next day to dig; you dive underwater. Turning around you see, on shelves, LEGO and other toys from your childhood. You wake up, wondering if this is a metaphor for the unconcious.

Since I've moved to Australia, i've lost some of the recurring images I used to dream about. I will attempt to catalogue them here:

The Greatest Comic Book Shop in the World

Perhaps it is gone because of the large number of comic book shops and bookstores here. It contained every comic book I would ever need; I would roam it for hours.

Toys R Us

Fear and endless wandering; turning corners and finding strange action figures in the darkness; wonderful sales that I wanted to grab before I awoke; darkness when I realized how large it was.

The Mall

White spaces and escalators; running so fast but never knowing where I was; stores that opened into other stores. This has stayed with me; there was a Terry Pratchett book that discussed malls as living organisms, the fear involved.I understand that fear.