I had a dream last night... that I was in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. So vivid. Felt as though I was really there. This is not the first time I have dreamed of this place. Perhaps I left part of myself there.

A place where multitudes of complete strangers will pass by each other, going all over, returning to everywhere when done... never to see each other again most likely. You can become someone else for a little bit, chances are no one here will know you.

Everyone who crosses here has a different path most likely. All will come from somewhere different and most will go somewhere different. It is a place of transition. A place where great birds meet to ascend into the sky, waiting in line even to do so, with eagerness.

A place of Transfer. A place where you really could almost go anywhere. The conveyor walkways. I've ran along these, pretending to be in a hurry, just because it seemed fun. And fun it was! Feeling of flying before taking off, the heaviness of carry-on baggage not a bother, lifted by the hope of somewhere new. Something different.

I've never really been bored in an airport. Always bring a good book with, although it never gets read... too many interesting people to study. And they never do mind much. Some of them are even social, and will give into your curious questions without hesitation because of the ephemeral quality of airport meetings. Families you will never meet wishing good-byes, little babies being kissed... children staring around the bustle in awe (possibly fear).

The smell of a $4 of cup coffee in the air... good looking people everywhere, you could even be one of them to someone else. Who knows in this place, where so many people from everywhere come?

The giddiness of takeoff awaiting... the lifting... the ascending into skies... the floating-and-soaring-and-going-somewhere-else of it all makes my body feel 2" off the ground already. Anticipating the transfer to air... then to land again that I've never fathomed.

There is more of the world than I know. This gives me hope.

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