April 8, 2000

I'm Canadian, I can take it. The climate here is something we all just live with as it comes. Through miserable, grey winters to the summers so hot and humid, you sweat nonstop from unusual places like your calves and thighs we deal with it. We're a passive lot, us Canadians...

I had to go shopping for groceries today, which involves walking a subway stop to the nearest supermarket. When I went outside, it looked as if it had been snowing for at least three hours.

On my way to the store I saw earthworms on the sidewalk drowned in slush, snow covered daffodils and I slipped on some ice, which is something I haven't had happen to me in months.

Hours later, it is still snowing and the grass that needs to be cut outside my window is blanketed in about 2" of snow. My superintendent is shovelling snow and there are salt trucks on the roads.

I'm not used to seeing this as I recall celebrating the first day of spring with a toast of some sort last month. I'm confused. It feels a little like The Twilight Zone or something, but I'll survive I'm sure. Its not like I don't own winter clothes or anything...

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