I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that my family moved a lot, and the majority of important people in my life have always been the farthest away, at least in physical distance. I've a thing for becoming very close to people who I can't touch, but feel more than those that share a home with me. I've also a thing for making really good friends and then leaving them behind. This makes for a lot of reunion type happenings, which is an extremely good thing.

My best memories, most interesting, emotionally strong, happened in either an airport, or a bus terminal. Waiting, the anticipation I think is what makes it so potent. I remember waiting for my (now ex) boyfriend at the bus terminal after not having seen him for a few months. I remember picking my best friend up at the airport after being apart from her for two solid years. The awkward feeling that I knew these people better than I knew anyone else on the planet, yet, I'd not been able to touch them or see them for the longest time.

It also happens that I don't get out much. The bus terminal in downtown Toronto seems like the most fascinating place in the world to someone who lives in the country, or at least to me. And the airport.. well, the Toronto airport is bigger than the little town I live in. The overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by all of this steel, plastic, man-made structure, it's always been quite intense for me. It's right along the same lines as the first time I actually went to Toronto and drove down a street shrowded with what seemed like the tallest buildings in the world.

Any time I think of these places, I find myself awed by their existence. Perhaps this seems foolish to those who are used to such things.. but to me, there is just something about them, something intensely neat and dreamy that makes me smile, sometimes cry.. they make me feel things no other place in the world can.

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