beneath the tree and stabbing words that would be with you forever like a promise of the everlasting love that lasted no longer than it should have and you knew, you knew but didn't want to believe.

in the bus terminal with suitcase in hand and tear filled eyes with broken heart leaving, leaving because there is nothing more to say or do, the end did come.

behind a crowded mall and backdrop of screaming children accentuates anguish, unfeeling, meaningless relationship (casual release) with lowered head walk off, to a new life and a new way of living it.

far away from here you left, but before i could have known, and you did not tell me but to spare feelings that were anything but spared by the way you handled.. letting go. i fell, hard, thought i'd stay down, did you? strength, odd how i hid it from you.. and myself.

undone? saved.

tonight i think of the places where so many stand and worlds crumble there, seemingly forever but, not, no not lost or destroyed, just different. lovers dismissing others who would not be that, at least not for them, anymore.

would you have let her go in a field of strawberries so that they might always leave a bitter taste in her mouth despite intense sweetness? or would she smile whilst savouring because you knew how it would hurt.. comfort tumbling words of regret, turn them to blissful memory never to be forgotten but placed in secure, warm place in back of heart/mind?

i'd laugh at the universe if i didn't know it had the first in, the last matters not. smiles though i'll share them and.. the place you were undone, you probably won't remember it because of reeling thought. i can't remember when it happened, only that it did.

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