where i would.. end up in a nodeshell i created so long ago but couldn't find the words to fill. it is one of those nights when there seems to be nothing so terrible that it could be classified as impossible, pointless or too difficult. everything would be easy now if you were here i would make you smile in a second and if you weren't here but thinking of me you'd smile because you would know that i am feeling this way.. you're like that.

it's just one of those nights when the moon doesn't even seem to be, but it is, it's just blocked by this wall in front of me. a button.. to press and to take the wall into the ground, a pocket wall, all walls should be that way. i want to see the universe.

it's just one of those nights when the thought'y matter requires train of thought incoherency, coherent to parts of my mind but not all and thus i would.. pour ideas into a white box and smile.

it's just one of those nights where laying in the grass and staring up at stars would be.. perfect? stars that we could pretend, existed solely for us and only that moment.. they don't last forever, niether will we..

i left my window open last night so that drifting thoughts could float into the world and find their way to..you.

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