Mm, finals week. It's nice to have time not only to have this dream but to record it before having to leave.

So I waltz into school wearing shades. I seem to have forgotten to bring the case so when I get inside I stick them on my shirt, like people do.

Anyway, this school I've entered, it more closely resembles my middle school than my current high school. But much more expansive. Huge way up to the ceiling and all that.

I seemed somehow aware that I was late and noticed a couple girls I'd recognize from school. I follow them, since I can't remember my way to the gym, anyway. It was never mentioned, but I somehow "knew" I had to be in gym.

Anyway, we make our way up 6 or 7 flights of stairs for what seems like an eternity. Each flight is red, incredibly wide, and has many, many steps. This is odd, because we are seemingly the only people in this school, and the stairs only seemed to have two endpoints. As my legs are sore—the "I overexerted myself yesterday" kind of sore—I don't really enjoy this and feet like I am going to fall behind.

Finally, we stop and walk into what looks like a hotel room. Windows, that blue pattern carpet, nice wooden dresser.

On the dresser there's a box of cheese pizza, a box of pepperoni pizza, and something else. The boxes are already open, and a couple of slices are missing from each. I'm the first to reach for a nice slice of pepperoni pizza. As soon as I touch it I realize it's ice cold and jerk my hand away suddenly. Quite honestly I've always thought cold pizza was kind of gross.

Everyone began eating the pizza anyway, then I woke up.

I woke up this morning at 2:33 bathed in sweat. I dont think it was just because of the hot weather, either...

I cant remember how I got there, but I was in a pedestrianised high street area somewhere in London. In the dream, I was a govermental aide to Tony Blair, who was currently in some meeting in one of the shops in the high street. While waiting for him to finish his meeting, I was on my laptop checking my emails and stuff, when I get a phone call from my mate Bill.

"Hows things in Thurso?" he asks me, to which I reply, "I dont know, you're the one living there, why dont you tell me?"

With that, I hang up, and go back to reading the emails. Over the other side of the street, I can see George Bush waving at me trying to get my attention so I get up and walk over to him. He wants to know where Blair is, so I tell him that he's in a meeting and Im not sure how long he's going to be. It turns out that Bush is only trying to get an email to him, so I tell him that if he sends the mail to me, I can get it to Blair for him.

I go back to my computer and start reading something on there, but the email from Bush is calling to me and I cant resist opening it and reading it. So i do it.

It turns out Bush is trying to tell Blair about a call he's had about some sort of alerts, but he doesnt think its anything to worry about. Then as a ps to the mail, Bush tells Blair that he thinks Im a really polite guy and a good worker! That cheers me up no end - being told by the President of the United States that your a good worker - woot! I really want to call Bill back and tell him about that, but I get called over to a cafe down the road.

At the cafe, there's a big crowd, something is obviously going on here but I havent been told about it. I see that there are some people from work there, so I start asking them whats going on, but no-one will tell me. That really annoyed me, so I thought Id just take a seat at a table, get some coffee and wait for Blair's meeting to finish. I look around, but the only free space is at a table already occupied by a couple of people. Not wanting to go to a different cafe, I sit at the table and order my drink, however, Im a bit disconcerted by all the whispering that is coming from everybody around me. But it seems there's good reason for that - one of the people at my table is the infamous hacker m72 - or mod72 to use his full nick - and he has decided to give the one and only interview of his life here at this very cafe! And I get a front row seat for it - what luck!

As he starts with his interview (talking about back in the day when he was working with this community, making his way into this mainframe and that network) I look over my shoulder to see Blair making his way into the cafe. I remember about the email from Bush, so I walk over to him so I can give him the information. As I get to him, I hear him telling somebody that they should ring Will and tell him to sell all his possessions. This hits me like a ton of bricks, and I ask Blair "Is it really that bad?". He just looks at me very solemnly and replies "Yes, its that bad."

I run out of the cafe, knowing that something bad is going to happen very soon. Out in the street, everyone is in sheer panic. Shop windows are being smashed, people are looting, women are crying - I hear one person shout that it was a waste of time giving up smoking! I run into an electronics shop, thinking that I can get something good to take with me when I run away from whatever it is thats coming, but then I see a TV and realise that its a nuke thats going to hit. And its going to hit London. In about 1 minute. I guess theres no point running away from that. Its at this point that I realise theres no point in running around like a headless chicken, I might just as well accept my fate. I was happy that I was going to die through no fault of my own, rather than from cancer caused by smoking or some other self-inflected disease. In my mind it was surprisingly peaceful and serene as I waited for the nuke to strike. All of a sudden, there was a brilliant orange flash, followed by darkness, and then nothing.

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