The phenomenon of bizarre and fanciful events that would be impossible or at least very unlikely in waking life making perfect sense while you're dreaming. I dreamed my friend Ben was photosynthesizing his supper. This seemed normal, even though he was crazy-glued to the floor.

It explains strange transitions that defy the laws of physics.
Oh, okay, suddenly this classroom is a giant gazebo. Of course it is.

Dream logic can also mean feeling strong compulsions to do things in dreams that you don't understand when you wake up, or having knowledge that seems obvious without knowing where you know it from. Knowing that the person behind you is intensely evil. We must hide the tape dispenser, or dire consequences will ensue! Of course we're trying to break the windows! If we don't, we'll never win the Booker Prize!

In short:

"zzzz... AHHH! What the fuck?"

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