I'm reading E2—some imaginary user's homenode. I got there by some node talking about how I'm the coolest guy in the universe. Well there's some newspaper article about E2 as well as illicit drugs prominently featuring her. So this girl and I end up arranging a real-life meeting, but my family is there as well.

So there I am with this woman who doesn't really exist, and as it happens she's a shapely Asian woman in a black dress. Well hey, no complaints there. So she and I are sitting on the bed talking while my mom and brother are sitting off in chairs doctor's-office-style. My father is nowhere to be seen.

Well the woman reaches into her purse and gets something resembling an inhaler that I immediately recognize as a drug. My mother admonishes me to get away in a nagging sort of way unlike her. "Aw, c'mon Mom, it's not gonna kill me," I reply. Well that's not really like me either, but this is a weird dream. "Do you want all over you?" "Good point." I move away. She sprays the stuff everywhere haphazardly. Some of it irritates my nose and eyes.

Well I end up just leaving that room and walking down the halls of this woman's apparently huge house. My brother comes up to me and starts spraying the stuff like crazy. Well, that's not out-of-character, but my reaction—beating him senseless— sure was.