Since being fired in February, my life has been filled with the same sort of happiness as CzarKhan writes about above. That's right. Happy. Down to the nocturnal living, friend evaluation and endless days in front of the beige altar.

Anyways, this is why it's rather a strange coincidence that I have to daylog this today. I start my new job tonight. After months of "trying" to find a job, I've finally got one in what's probably the coolest bar in Manchester. The Fab Cafe is a cult TV/sci-fi theme bar. This means there's film nights, old sci-fi memorabilia over the walls, a Xenomorph next to the DJ and a Dalek next to the dancefloor. Added to that, I think that the people who work there probably OWE me a job, considering the amount of money me and my friends have pumped into that House of the Dead machine. (After completing it in another bar we don't play it any more... next stop House of the Dead 2!)

Added to this, I could also be putting some time in in Satan's Hollow, a well, Hell themed bar, and it all appears to be a nice little package.

This also means I can get a goddamn computer of my very own (having had a family computer for all my life, this is going to be heaven) as well as a cable modem. It also means I'll actually have money for the rent, FFX, food and other essential things.

Hang in there CzarKhan, if my worthless POS of a life can be lifted with a few phonecalls and some words with some people, yours can't be too far behind.

I still need to work on growing the Cojones, as well though...