he scratched his eyes out to prove his love for her
she loathed his empty sockets
left him for a goat salesman heading to the bronx
to peddle his wares
poor man left to weep blood from tear ducts filled with dust
the goat she had left him
his only friend
brought him mixed drinks and the daily news
washed his socks and combed his hair in the morning
at dawn he would rub the man's face gently with his horns
one night
the man was led to his soft feather bed
by a loving hoof
tucked in
slept soundly
dreaming of his love
in far away lands she pranced along mountain tops
with bald goats kissing her buttocks
and washing her clean with their toungues.
this poor man's dream troubled him so
beads of salty sweat formed upon his brow
as he watched his love skip away over a hill
the goat awoke
and seeing his master in such agony
shoved his horns deep into the man's chest
poor man
expired with a gasp
and the goat's hair fell out
and he found himself longing to kiss a buttock
and wash someone clean with his huge liver

- Anonymous - "How unlike tomatoes your testicles hang"

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