Ever attempt to whistle whilst sucking a lemon?

It is tricky trying to whistle cheerfully when your mouth is assaulted by astringent, acid fruit - your teeth stand on edge, your cheeks tighten – no-one is at their best in these circumstances. This harsh fruit tastes better once marinated in, say, a nice gin and tonic - the bittersweet flavour is more pleasing, mellow, and a positive delight to the palate. You relax, focus on the pleasure, and then pucker up to produce pure, clear, sweet notes.

Such, too is life - a Pollyanna can find a joyous side to any situation. Look sideways at your life, your lemon, and take pleasure that you can still enjoy some part of it. Pick your figurative liquor, the correct cocktail in which to soak it, and life can no longer render you bereft of joy.

This nodeshell cheerily recovered with a glass of beer

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