The last two weeks have been overwhelming and it showed at the doctors today. I go back the 14th for a three hour neuro exam and another two hour one next week.

Are you losing weight? he asked. I mean you look good, but are you still working out and walking?

I say yes to all that then blurt it all out about the dog and my sons starting school, one high school the other college and the one starting high school has sort of gotten lost in all the rush ....

oh yea what else I continue, Let me think oldest son bought his first car and when we went to the DQ to celebrate this guy came up to the car window and started playing with himself in front of me while my boys were inside. He was mentally disabled, his the supervisor came over and put him in the van...and I've been thinking about joining the dog in the bathroom and hiding if this is what's going on in the real world.

I interviewed a company for Job Development Friday. I want to interview a couple of more companies before I decide who to contract with. Oh she seemed so nice! I explained to her that the last job I had was a mess. I worked at PetSmart and part of the requirements was to memorize the company Mission Statement. I couldn't and it was required for my next raise. It was my first job since I had become disabled, they knew about my disability, but didn't know how to handle it, and neither did I. They gave me the raise anyway, soon grumbling was running around on the rumor mill.

Crap! I even kept answering the phone --

Hello, this is KMart, can I help you?

Suddenly the supervisor is saying I took a credit card wrong I have a warning they might lose $300.00, but she can't show me any paperwork about this transaction. Frustrated, I quit.

This is why I'm having someone help me get into a job. They'll transition me for 90 days and then I'm on my own. The paper she gave me has

Work Rules

*Be to work on time every workday.
*No running, yelling, throwing things, saying bad words, fighting, or doing other things that could hurt you or someone else.
*Always listen to your Rehabilitation Technician or Job Coach.

Ha! my husband laughed, You can do this. Doesn't say anything about snoopy dancing !

I fell off the horse and it's time to get back on, but at my own pace.

Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.
-1 Peter 5:7 (NRSV)