Pot log: July 16, 2001:

Amotivational syndrome. There are some work to do on my desk. Don't really feel like it.
I had warm; there's like a firebrand in my lugns making my breathing and whole being warm. I came to work ten to nine althought I was supposed to be here at eight. I couldn't care a less. I poured a Sprite down but it helped none. Like they always do.

Yesterday I had terrific chicken meal. I bought a masala spices from a small Libanese shop and flavored chicken with it. "A lazy person sweats while eating." I did.

Short sentences.

I realized many things yesterday while a wee bit stoned. I still agree even though I saw them from the different angle a day back. Some of them are sad, some of them okay and the most intriguing ones create hope.
There is a lot to do.

I received an email from Chinga aka Iwona. A polish who has same taste of literature and music as I do.
Normally while in the irc I just play the acronyme game. There you try to form a sentence from a given acronyme within a minute: uiivm = Uhmaikäiset itsemurhaavat ihan vittuillakseen mutsille. (pcssitm = Pre-teens commit a suicide simply to irritate their mum.)
But few days ago I met Chinga. A positive surprise.
Her email says she's stoned while writing it. Wonder if.. She's very open-minded; I like that.

A colleague next to me is quite a funny one. He seems to be on the edges all the time. If you don't know him you may think his angry and pissed off all the time.

With a behaviour like that won't break any hearts.
Thinking like that won't make any friends.

Screw that, forget about that.
I don't wanna know anything like that.

Can't listen to "Diane" by Therapy? anymore. Above is the Screamager, almost.

I better log off. Still, I won't.
The happiness of post-stoned condition. Some one, I know, won't like this. You don't have the authority, who are you to judge me.

I found two ways to approach my Special One yesterday. The ways are still worth of trying.
Only fine adjusting needed. Normally high ideas should be dumped the next day.

I hope I didn't catch a cold yesterday. A Finnish summer is short but less snowy. I don't know for how long I sat outside yesterday. I'm a certified bomb.

Diane makes me cry.