An especially large, longlived and peaceful woodland race from The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Ogier live in steddings and shun the outside world. They are, in fact physically dependent upon these steddings and die if they reside outside of them too long. Ogier are extraordinarily patient and place great value in learning.

In The Wheel of Time, a race.

(As said above), Ogier are very longlived, very large and very slow. They consider humans too hasty, preferring to take their time to consider things. They are generally peaceful, but it is said that they can be pretty fierce when driven into it. They even used to fight alongside with humans in some wars, long time ago; that is where comes their saying "to put too long handle in his axe".

It is unclear where Ogier have originated from; although the Nym used to call them "little brothers", Ogier were not man-created race like Nym. Some say they are products of Stedding, not the other way around.

Ogier used to live mostly in Steddings but could live elsewhere also; however, during the Breaking of the World they developed a trait to be known as the Longing; they now can't stay away from the Stedding for too long. This, along with the anarchy created by Breaking and lasting for quite a bit, has made Ogier even more introvert, avoiding human contacts largely.

In Ogier society, individual under age of 100 is not allowed outside of Stedding, being considered a child. Even after that, Ogier are expected to respect the Stump's decisions.

Ogier seem to reproduce pretty much the same as humans, although there are no direct proof; but they do marry, and seem to experience feelings of love similar to humans'. The marriages themselves are, though, mostly arranged by the mothers of the to-be-weds, the children, especially the male, having very little say about it.

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