Working Title: Attacks in Preparation

You might be wondering just who the heck I am and why I wrote a short little book about my first four and a half years as a fencer. Really, I'm nobody. I might never be famous, and if I am it certainly won't be because of fencing. But if I have to sit through another basketball player's autobiography of how that new 70 million-dollar contract just wasn't enough to feed his family, I'm going to puke. You should too. There are real sports out there-sports that haven't become more cinematics than substance, sports that don't get lucrative TV and merchandising deals with athletes posturing as role models for America's youth. Some days I think America just about deserves role models like that, after how we've twisted what was good and right about sports and made it practically unrecognizable. To quote the recent movie Frequency, "Baseball just got too complicated."

So I'm going to tell you about fencing, a sport I discovered when I was fourteen. A sport that dates back thousands of years, with its roots in ancient swordfighting. A sport that requires brains as well as brawn, which is why it'll never be mainstream. A sport that you can't showboat in and succeed, because every move has to be calculated and executed perfectly. A real sport.

A sport that changed my life.

Prologue: Camp

Freshman Year
Chapter One: Re-Education
Chapter Two: Snatching Defeat
Chapter Three: "Home"coming

Sophomore Year
Chapter Four: Downward Spiral
Interlude: The Eye Poke Incident
Chapter Five: Hitting Bottom
Chapter Six: Thunder
Chapter Seven: Lightning

Junior Year
Chapter Eight: Transitions
Chapter Nine: Humilations, Punishments, and Changes in Formation
Chapter Ten: Winter Wonderland
Chapter Eleven: Journeyman
Interlude: RimRod at the Junior Olympics of Fencing

Senior Year
Chapter Twelve: Command and Control
Chapter Thirteen: Hopping Mad and Mad Hopping
Chapter Fourteen: Home Stretch
Chapter Fifteen: End of Line
Chapter Sixteen: Summer Days are Here Again
Chapter Seventeen: The Show

Epilogue: And So It Continues

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