Epilogue: And So It Continues...

The story never ends…it barely even pauses. I found the Fencing Illini, the campus fencing club, shortly after arriving on campus and I try to go at least once a week. They're a good bunch of people, a nice mix of adults, graduate students and undergrads. We're not a competitive team--the Illinois varsity team got disbanded a number of years ago because of Title XI, the law that mandates equal funding for men and women's teams. Fencing was just about the first to go to clear up funds. But, we still make our way out occasionally to some Midwest USFA tournaments, and it's a grand old time. But it's not the same.

I love going back to Jericho practices. It's like I never left. It's the same as a fraternity…you're in for life. Over Thanksgiving and Winter break, I go to every single practice. So do Jordan and Craig. The new fencers all know our names in two days flat, and we know all of theirs in a week. Some of them are now my friends, even though we were never actually on the team at the same time. . It feels good to help the younger players start the maturing process, giving private lessons and working with them electrically whenever I can. It feels good to go back and see how much the juniors and seniors have grown, in maturity as well as stature, since we left. It feels good to have the other team trust me enough to let me direct regular season bouts if the director is late, even though I'm not technically allowed to. It feels good to still see "ancient" guys like Steven Liss and Jason Weiss show up at practice and help. It just feels good to give back, to be able to help other fencers realize their dreams and try to give back to the team everything it gave me.

There is no end to the circle, it just keeps going round and round…

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