We -- in this case "we" consist of 12 members of the basketball team from my teen age -- were in the army and we were ordered to spend our last 40 days of our military service in the submarine.

The submarine were full of gays. They were really thrilled to get 12 new young guys over there. In the dream, only few of us basketball players were gays (IRL, none) and some of us were really scared and pissed to get there.
I was last one to embark. There were two gays still waiting for me and they chatted: "12 new dwarfs.." or something like that in perverse fairytale style..

We were ordered to form a double row in the submarine. Basically we followed the orders but the discipline wasn't that good. Gay-soldiers came to see how we were like. One of us - Jussi - collapsed and almost started to cry. He couldn't take the pressure and he was also angry for me because he knew that I'll get extra free time to practice running while others had to stay in the submarine. He tried to explain his anger out but he lost his ability to speak. All of us were really surprised because he talked loads of shite no one couldn't understand. However, I knew what he meaned because I've seen him being jealous before.
He started to be afraid himself fearing that he couldn't speak at all anymore. I felt pity for him and I reasoned that if I went to civil service and thus quited the army, he would get his ability to speak back. So I stepped out of the row and I was thinking aloud: "Hmm, there's 40 days to go anymore. I'll fuckin quit right now, cuz it's only 20 days to left in the civil service. .. Hopefully it's so short time that I don't have to do it at all."

-- scene transform --

I was sleeping in my bed in foetal position and I was defecating like hell. The shit was quite loose and diarrhea-like. It wasn't all over the place but the back end of my bed was full of brown liquid-like sauce and odd pieces of shite.

When I woke up, I really had to check out if the last bit was true or not! .. it wasn't.