My Day:

My day has sucked so far;

-Geometry: Took test today, yesterday and will be taking one tommorow.

-Science: Did two labs which I have to finish tonight for homework on top of the chapter review.

-Art: Well, I'll just say that this is the only good class that I had all day. My teacher is cool and the people are cool so that is a relief.

-Spanish: Teacher assigned a project; Make a Menu in spanish by tommorow. Test tommorow and lots of homework for the weekend.

-Lunch: Forgot to pack some extra food hungry as hell.

-English: Have a test tommorow. Have to write a theme and I have to finish two vocabulary chapters. -Non-Western Cultures: Got to watch a video, but still have some homework.

Since then I have checked E2 and found that I have lost a total of 3 XP today because of monkey butter and Why Catholic School Sucks. As if it isn't hard enough coming up with ideas for nodes. That is my day. More later when I think of it.