Depending on how your memories of school go, this site is either a fantastic creation, or a chance to pick all those scabs you thought you'd forgotten!

It goes thus: you log on, only an e-mail address needed. You find your school and the year you left. You add your details/biog. If you wish to find a school, or a person you've lost contact with, there are options to do so. You cannot e-mail people directly though, you have to pay an annual fee of £5 to access a section of the site where you say hi to someone and your message is passed on. Whether you get a reply or not, is in the lap of the Gods......

Whilst there is some initial anxiety in finding out just how successful the school dork has turned out, (like I said, picking scabs!), it's quite a buzz seeing people you haven't thought about since that day you burnt your school tie.

I'm unsure if this site extends to schools outside the UK - I think it may but please inform if you know otherwise.