The definitive twentysomething British TV series.

Following the lives of a group of attractive young professionals sharing a surprisingly well decorated house in Southwark, This Life was first shown on BBC2 in the late 90's.
Initially the shaky camerawork caused people to think, "What's this weird program all about, with its shaky camerawork?", but soon the nation was hooked.
By the time the first series finished, This Life had gone half way up the road to and into the petrol station of cult status, and a repeat showing just before the long-awaited second series was heralded by much media fuss. By the end of the second and last series you couldn't open a newspaper without coming across the following question:

"Why the fuck have the BBC not commissioned a third series?"

By the time Auntie realised the glaring mistake of not re-commissioning the most successful thing it had produced in years, it was too late, and all the participants, who were by now very hot property indeed had agreed to do other things.

With their penchant for music by bands beginning with M (Morcheeba, Massive Attack and Moloko all featured) the six main characters: Anna, Miles, Warren, Ferdi, Egg, Millie had become part of our lives.

The nation mourned, but we got over it. Just.

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