Ninja High School is an Anime style comic book written by Ben Dunn, (an american). The story revolves around Jeremy Feeple a normal high school student, who is the selected husband of two young powerful women. The girls are Itchy Koo Ichinohei, who has to marry Jeremy to become the leader of her Ninja clan, and Asrial an alien girl, who is supposed to marry Jeremy so that earth may become a part of the interstellar conglomerate. The girls constantly fight over Jeremy, although neither one of them is truly interested in him romantically at first.

Jeremy's mother and brother are both practicing ninja's, but he himself is not. His father is either dead or missing, as he was a talented exterminator, and it seems that he went off after some rats that were just too big for him to handle or something. We only get flashbacks of him, but it seems that the father's story may have been told in another title.

Jeremy becomes more and more interested in Itchy Koo as the series progresses. Several stories in later issues are all flashback, and tell us the story of Jeremy and Itchy's early childhood where they were promised to each other. This is also where we learn about Jeremy's old dog who went off to become a superhero.

The whole set of characters is very similar to the ones in the classic Archie comics. With Jeremy Feeple being Archie, Itchy Koo being Veronica, Asrial being Betty, Rivalsan Lendo being Reggie, Arnie takes the place of Moose, Prof. Steamhead plays the part of both Dilton and Prof. Flutesnoot. I am sure this was done intentionally, as the similarities are just too perfect to be a coincidence.

All in all this is a great comic book series, but the first dozen issues or so are definitely the better ones. The first 6 issues have been reprinted multiple times, (with various covers), so they are quite easy to find. Later issues are much more difficult to locate. There was also a Ninja High School graphic novel which collected those same often reprinted issues in one convienent volume.

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