The party was Counterbalance by letter Q productions at Gee Coffee in Olathe. Psydereal had finished her program, so we picked up Mr. Grumpy Butt and headed out. The party was only $8 admission, making $40 plenty to get in and roll. When we arrived at the party we saw the huge line outside. We shuddered at the thought of standing out in the 25° with nothing more substantial than a t-shirt or tank top on. Once we got in the line, a car came around the corner followed by a cop car flashing it's lights. Someone in the line yelled, "Swallow your pills."

Being so cold the line was not moving at all. Someone came back and said girls could go on in. So Psydereal gave Mr. Grumpy Butt her coat and we headed on in. They took our binkies at the door because they said they were paraphanelia. After paying our admission and getting our wristbands we went in search of some rolls. The mission turned out to be quite easy. We ran into a guy from one of Psydereal's classes, and he told us where to get some. The guy we bought the pills off of turned out to be really nice. When we went to get our money, we found out the people at the door had given us too much change. So we got in for $3.

As the night went on the rolls kicked in, and they were good. We danced and danced and danced. Unfortunately, I ended up puking in the corner, but afterwards I still felt good. Mr. Grumpy Butt was getting mad with the glowsticks. I met some really nice people, and got a lot of good backrubs. Dieselboy spun, and he was awesome. I walked around with this nice little boy named Gizmo most of the night. He asked if he could be my boyfriend for the night. So I had a hand to hold all night, and someone to lend me their sweatshirt outside in the cold. We left the party around 4am because Mr. Grumpy Butt had to work in the morning. Psydereal and I came home and immediately went to bed.

When we woke up, we went to the mall to do some shopping. Always go shopping cracked out because you won't buy anything. While we were walking around we got so tired and hungry, we decided to go to Gambucci's and chill with some good food. That's what we did, and we came home with a big piece of the most amazing cheesecake ever.