1973 sci-fi novel by Roger Zelazny. Mafioso assassin Angelo di Negri (aka "Angie the Angel") is awakened from cryogenic suspension an unspecified number of years (centuries?) after he is "hit". COSA Inc. is a (mostly) legitimate, World Exchange-traded corporation now. The human race has achieved interstellar diaspora, and Angelo's cold, professional assassination skills are a lost art. While he's out fulfilling a contract on a distant cyborg genius loci (Herbert Styler), Earth is devastated by war. Angelo neutralizes Styler, but he's marooned on the world of Alvo. He uses Styler's systems (in combination with the fledgling technology of hyperspace teleportation) to develop an 18-world artificial habitat, in which he hopes to engineer the anti-social out of human society. To maintain his personal control over the project, he utilizes cloning and a related psychic effect to enjoy a sort of serial immortality (akin to the ancient Egyptians' notion of the immortality of Pharaoh).
That's the sci-fi premise; the rest is conflict and resolution. This is one of Zelazny's less popular works, compared with the Amber novels, or the liberally mythic works like Lord of Light. It's kind of too bad, because it stands quite well as an exploration of human nature and social progress - equal to Asimov's The End of Eternity.

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