An amazing Italian restaurant. Based on a web search, I have ascertained that you can only find this place in Kansas City, however if I'm wrong please correct me on this. The debut location of the resturant was Wichita, Kansas, however they have since moved.

One special thing about this resturant is the atmosphere. There are seperate rooms inside each with different decors. The walls of the family room are covered with black-and-white pictures of Italian celebrities, popes, and family pictures. The vinyard room has tiny lights on the black ceiling that are stars and grapes hanging from wooden trellises. The wine room has a ceiling painted with cherubs.

The food is something else. Gambucci's specializes in food for large groups and no matter what you order, you will have food left over. The absolute best thing there (yes, this might be subjective, but everyone I've talked to agrees) is the Chicken Garlissimo. It's served on garlic mashed potatoes that melt in your mouth. People love them so much that you can order the mashed potatoes themselves on the side. But no matter what you order you will not be disappointed. And make sure to leave room for desert as the Mt. Vesuvio cheesecake is orgasmic and the tiramisu is none too shabby.

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