Robots is a song by New Zealand band Flight of the Conchords. Its lyrics describe a "robotic uprising of the late nineties" and its aftermath. The robots first list things that are different in the distant future (the year 2000) such as:

The robots then describe how they killed the humans with poisonous gasses (apparently poisoning their asses), because of the humans' oppressiveness to the robots and violence. One robot then asks the robo-captain that, since the robots destroyed the humans for their destructive tendencies, haven't they too become, like-- well it's ironic. The robo-captain won't hear of this and orders the dissenting robot to be destroyed. Another robot then asks why they can't just talk to and work together with the humans. He is told they can't, because the humans are dead. The robots now go into further detail about how they killed the humans. The poisonous gases had traces of lead, and they actually poisoned the humans' lungs, rather than asses.

At this point, the robots begin a binary solo:


The robots then start dancing the robo-boogie. They end by emotionlessly singing "The humans are dead" and powering down.

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