The company that makes Isaac Asimov's robots. Operates a huge plant somewhere in the heart of the U.S. and, well, produces positronic robots all day and all night, as long as no problems turn up. Problems do turn up, however, and thus people like Susan Calvin are sent to solve them. Customers include universities and a huge government project to research hyperspace travel that's based on a planetoid.

In his robot stories, although unnoticed by many, Asimov introduced concepts such as software bugs, firmware upgrades and software maintenance to the science fiction world even before computing as we know it today existed. He also realised that, for corporate customers, it's better to lease robots/computers than to buy them; and that years before there were any corporate customers that could even pay for a computer.

Asimov also makes a point in almost every story that robots are despised by most people, even considered a threat by some. They are thus banned on Earth: it takes jumping through several bureaucratic hoops to get a permission to operate one in spite of this law. Asimov's positronic robots are special equipment used mainly in space.

Thanks to TheBooBooKitty for suggestions for the last paragraph.

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