Last night's concert kicked ass, especially since i was with pigpoo... I've not shouted that loud since the Prodigy concert on Glasgow Green a few years back.

As Lynsey mentioned, there was a lot of trouble getting the tickets - eventually, i phoned WayAhead, and they reported the tickets as lost or stolen, so all I had to do was turn up at the Barrowlands with my Switch card and the order number.

The first band, de salvo, were from Glasgow, so they automatically got lotsa 'spect. ;-)

Lotsa moshers at the start, bloody irritating since people were geting mega-pissed off... one of them jumped up into my chin, I nearly bit through my tongue - so i pushed him as hard as i could, and he went a long way. (I thought i was much less fit than i actually am, i didn't mean to push him that hard...) ah well... ;-)

An Irish band, Turn came on next, and they were kinda sucky to start with, then (when they were playing the drummer's songs) they rawked hard... then they got wussy again. Kinda gimmicky band, they liked to go "quiet quiet, LOUDLOUDLOUD"...

Idlewild came on!!! I can't remember the setlist, but i cried a few times, it felt like such a release of emotion to hear those songs I'd been singing in my head for a year or two live...

I was screaming along as much as I could, but I got exhausted quickly. ;-) need to get fit quick.