This one's really, really strange. See, last night before bed I was teaching kanon42 some Perl. I wanted to be teaching Python, but I don't know it well enough. Now, in my dream, I was an array, and she was trying to iterate over me. She kept on confusing while loops with for loops and various people kept coming by telling her that she was having a Halting Problem, and that she needed to use some other programming language to solve it. Alan Turing himself eventually shows up with a U-Haul which he claims has a Turing Machine in it, but at that point I woke up...

before bed, I wrote:

Time for bed. The air conditioner is rattling infuriatingly in the window; I can't remove it yet, as it's the only way I can get fresh air inside without getting bugs as well. There's no screen.

I'm restless, and I really can't think of any reason to go to bed -- I don't have any particular responsibilities today (besides driving my SO to work), and I feel like doing something more than snoring.

Random thoughts: I was being checked out for some neurological stuff a year ago and they hooked me up for a sleep-deprived EEG recording (i'd been awake for two days) ... and the doctor let me play with it for a while first. I found that if I really concentrated on one thing I could make the waves change visibly, and then if i got myself into a metaloop and starting thinking about my thoughts etcetc it would start putting little deflections in the graph... and then i'd relax and think something trivial and the needles would start bouncing all over the place. Neato.

Sitting on a silent shore, no waves, no people. Just me and an old man without a name. I see the lawnmower coming across the ocean, bigger than life, about to clear the entire county. Suddenly a building appears; run-down, made compltely of metal. We rush towards it, knowing we must make it to the basement before the blade of the lawnmower passed over the land. The old man rolls down the stairs, leaps into the air and kicks open a never-used, rusty door. We run inside and huddle in a corner, the vibrations of the lawnmower passing beneath us. We were in the valley, he said, so it would pass under us.


My brother and I are dressed up for halloween. Hannibal Lector, disguised as a vampire, is the owner of a jewl shop in Vermont. I go inside, and buy a ruby the color of cooked salmon. The vampire man says he must first put it into the wooden box behind the desk, so it can be sent to get fitted. A few moments later, he hands me a mold of his face, made of stoneware, and covered by a plastic bag splattered with blood. He says I will fall in love with him soon.

A short while later, perhaps a week or two, I return to the jewl shop to say there was a flaw in the ruby I purchased. The vampire hands me a painted stoneware mold of his foot and sends me back home.

I am online, when I recieve a message from Lanfear. She asked if I have found my destiny. I said I met the vampire. She says to go look out the window.

I comply, and to my astonishment, there is the vampire, holding a microphone, leading a huge marching band wearing gothic attire. The trombone section is under the direction of Schmoo, and they strive to be the loudest. I climb down from the balcony and they throw burning sticks at me. My brother rushed outside carrying a revolver, and my mom is not far behind, shouldering an antique shotgun. My grandma sends fireballs the size of elephants at the vampire and his band. They leave, promising that my destiny will return.

Ok, this one was very lucid:
Started out I was in an airport, the airport is kinda skethchy... I remember I needed to fnd an airline with the code "JC" which is what it said on the ticket.
I wound up at a delta gate in the middle of no where, and they told me to go to the NorthWest terminal, so I went through an x-ray (yes, I put my body through it).
Finally i get to my plane, I dont recall where I was going, just that I had been there before, and i had a first class ticket.
time passes
I get on the plane, imediatly I know I'm dreaming because of the layout of the plane, this is the point I start to try to take controll.
as I walk towards my seat, the front seat, 1B, I notice that I can see out the front of the plane with a good 200 degree view, the front of the plane is made of glass.
As I take my seat I notice there's a girl in 1A, it takes be about 1/10,000,000th of a second to know who it is.
She's this girl that works at a pool hall I frequent (in real life, not in my dream). I've thought she was beautiful since the day I saw her, but I've never talked to her, never really had a chance or reason... but it's a long story better left to a daylog.
So I sit down, and she knows me, like about as well as I know her. She's got a very strange last name, eastern bloc sounding, lots of k's and stuff... anyways... thats about all I know, her first name I think starts with an A...
So anyways, we start flying, and I'm looking out the cockpit window (there's not a divider wall) and talking to her, and we both have our shoes off and she starts playing with my feet with hers, and I put my head on her shoulder, and that's about it... just that little familiar connection, but I'd only known her a few hours.... it was odd
Before you jump to conclusions, this was not an erotic dream of any sort, I have these dreams a lot... it's always like... innocent...
Anyways, back to the dream, we're flying along, and we pop out of a cloud, and there's this weird mountain in front of us with a castle looking thing, and big jaggedspires. The pilot pulls up just in time, and we go plummeting back down the other side of this mountain... I recall justifying this to myself by saying "well, I'm sure it's always been like this, I just never saw it cuz it was cloudy".
I somehow come to the conclusion that these are the Kazakhstani Alps, a mountain range, that in my dreams, is the biggest on earth... odd? I think so
Sure enough, we do this many more times, almost hitting houses, mountains, people, and a one point I look down and there's a guy walking on a trail towards an old stone house playing with a CD player, big headphones on, he looks like he belongs on a bike, he's in speedos and has short hair and is all stringy like a professional was very out of place because this town we're flying over looks VERY old, and very basic... I dont see any sign of electricity anywhere.

meanwhile, me and this girl are getting really comfortable with each other (but keeping it innocent) and talking about things I dont recall any more...It's at this point that we land, it's a rough landing and it wakes me up... so I go back to sleep, and I have another dream, semi related I think.... but not nearly as intense....
Setting is in like Paris maybe, I'm with a girl, not the girl from the plane, but at the same time it IS her, it's very odd. We have a kid, and we're in a park, and somehow I manage to learn to controll the pidgeons with weird squeeks and whistles, it's all very surreal at this point.

It was all over at 9:04am, I hear a crash outside my room, get up to investigate, and see nothing, but the dream is lost and I'm awake now, so I get up about an hour later and write this.

Very jumbled dream while napping this afternoon. I was returning home from a class trip to parts unknown. Compounding the frustration of enduring a long nonsmoking flight, I was forced to sit next to two teenage girls and their four year old boy. They were avidly sizing me up as a potential father the entire flight while he kept throwing action figures around and amused himself by kicking the seat in front of him.

The victim of the brat's kicking finally turned around in anger and asked "Whose is he?" The victim was Dawson off of Dawson's Creek. I had a moment of doubt...did even he deserve such annoyance? He asked who the evil child belonged to, and the girls pointed at me and said, "Melanie here." Dawson subjected me to several minutes of angst-ridden monologue and bad facial expressions before turning back around.

I realized the folder in front of me contained objects besides the usual barf bag and airline disaster cartoons: a bloody steak knife, a plastic bag full of McDonalds toys and my checkbook. I thought about just ignoring the strange collection, but knew I couldn't. A Japanese man dressed like a nurse saw me examining the knife and ran off to tell someone about the deadly flatwear, and I decided to make a hasty disposal. I asked the first woman who looked like a flight attendant where the restrooms were. The matronly woman (who was wearing a name badge) laughed and said, "I'm not part of the crew, child, but bless you for thinking I could be!" Yeah, ok.

The dream shifted, and the plane had landed. Everyone disembarked, and in the terminal I realized I had left the incriminating evidence in the seat folder. I ran back to the plane, but the doors were closed and new passengers were in their seats awaiting takeoff. Suddenly, I realized how badly I needed to get the knife and toys. If the next person sitting in that seat thought about money or finances, the vicious cycle would begin again! They would be compelled to place a token symbol of their money with the knife and toys and kill innocents. (In my case, I guess the teens and brat didn't count)

The plane took off, and with a shrug I made haste to get to the class van. The street outside the airport was crowded, confusing, and larger than expected. People were sunbathing and dancing, and again someone lifted aside the strap on my tank top to say "You're too pale. We should call you Melanie." Again with the cross-gender names. I searched, but there was no trace of my class van. I had that awful feeling of being left, knew that there was no one to offer help, and realized that was how all the sunbathers and dancers had come to exist outside the airport. Someone handed me my rollerblades as I started back towards the throng of lost souls, and said "Race you to the terminal."

dream snippet. vivid but short.

i was pregnant, nearing delivery but died of a complication. upon my death i found myself quickly transported into the passenger seat of my boyfriend's car. i had to explain to him that i was dead. i took him to my body and we stood over it. it was very skinny and very pregnant.

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