October 22, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Nodegel looks fine to me. Tastes like oranges. A bit syrupy--we might try using a bit less sugar next time, 'kay?

Deleted users: Maniac, a1a, habit, syntax, Bubba, heaven, Zen, mouse, RabbitKing, and Jopsy.

Killed: K-Man's writeup in Buritto Love. Total Content: "An erotic fixation based upon the Burrito as a phallic symbol." That's as may be, but it could've and should've been more. Also removed the nodeshell. Suggested by yerricde.

Deleted: bs' writeup in Maximum node title length 'Twas an old E1 node and didn't apply to E2. Also removed the nodeshell. Also suggested by yerricde.

Killed: MasterD's writeup in Moscow. Total Content: "The capital city of Russia. The home of Boris Yeltsin and other drunk fanatics." Might have left it, despite it's meager two-line NFN, if not for the unsupported "drunk fanatics" crack and the fact that all the other writeups blew this one away.

More Deleted Users: leepath, toddler, ferret, and attorney, thanks to the heads-up from fugitive.

Killed: the aforementioned toddler's writeup in pork bellies 'Twas a useless slam on another nodeless noder.

Killed: markf's writeups in borange, boranging, and milver. They were as useless as you might expect. Also deleted, without penalty, writeups by llamayak and ryano in milver. Deleted the nodeshells.

Killed: leepath's writeup in these things. Mindless babble.

Killed: leepath's writeup in The Wall. This one must be savored in its full linkless glory: "PINK FLOYD'S ,"THE WALL"is one of their best works.Totally Awsom!!!!!!Personally thir my all time favorites,their music is an evolutionary experience!" Stay in school, kids...

Deleted: kenata's writeup in The Wall. It was a correction of another noder's writeup, and the other noder had made the requested correction. Deleted without penalty, though kenata does seem to like it when I zap him...

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