My plans for monday -

  • 1000 - 1300, study for Stats exam, and finish various bits of homework.
  • 1300, do exam, try hard not to fail.
  • 1400-1700 working in argos, whenever i get there after the exam. The boss knows I'll be late.
  • 1800-2200, drink some Bud, chill out for a while.

;-) this is my first attempt at doing this, it'll help me keep my head straight, and also remind me to write up the day.

10:33 GMT - I haven't done any studying yet, I've not been awake for very long. I need to find the info on the shitty website ( if you're interested...

Stupid exams.

I think i passed the exam, it wasn't that awful. The formula sheet helped lots though... ;-)

I left my friggin jumper at work, so I shivered all the way home before I realised!! yeesh, I musta been tired...