November 13th in history



Monday the 13th. *sigh*

Well, this really applies to my sunday tho... day went well. it was my grandma's birthday, we went to Thalia's it's some semi-lame mexican food restraunt in the south valley (for albuquerque people... broadway and gibson to be exact). Had enchiladas, however that's spelled. Otherwise I've spent the rest of the day sitting around feeling kinda edgy. I've been pushing around ideas.
1. need my own place. I don't really wanna move out, but my family is driving me insane.
2. I have a bad feeling about these elections, and the state of our nation in terms of where it's loyalties lie. Starting to envision riots that will eventually turn into class wars, which will spin off into a civil war... west vs. east over things like race, morality, religion, and ideals. Anyways.
Not quite sure what to make of it all. I wanna write a few nodes about this philosophy of mine, but I'm not sure how to go about it. See, I sit around a LOT and think. nothing more, just think. I'd like to commit my thoughts to E2, but they're far too important for daylogs... so maybe I'll write them, then index them with a seprate node. Then... where to start?

These can be answered later, I should get to bed.

Oh fine, Happy Happy E2