Getting up in the morning has become quite a challenge. I am consistently around a half of an hour late for work every day, unless I have to be at a customer's site. And some days its much worse, and have to call in to say I'm gonna be late.

I couldn't get up on a Monday if someone fired a gun outside my window. Here's the scene:

I'm in bed, all wrapped up in my flannel comforter, which hasn't seen a washing machine since my first week in my apartment--last year--nice and warm. I don't hear the back-up alarms on the trucks at the convenience store, next door. All is well.

Then, my alarm goes off. The first alarm is a radio alarm. I keep the volume rather loud, and I worry that it will bother my neighbor. So, I jump out of bed, slide quickly across the room, and turn it off. I walk toward the door, and slip into the waiting bed I pass on the way. I have at least 12 minutes until the second alarm goes off.

Now I'm back, under the blanket, getting toasty. Just as bliss is reached, the second alarm goes off. This time it's a beeper, from the same clock radio. It sounds just like those back-up alarms, which I now hear, as my sleep is being quite disrupted. In spite of my need to get up, I set the second alarm to go off in another 15 minutes. This goes on for about an hour.

Somedays, much like today, I forget to re-set the alarm, and end up popping awake some time later. Now I have about a half of an hour to get to work, and I'm in need of a shave. I also wear a shirt and tie, so we're talking about a time consuming grooming process. It sucks, and I hate the way it makes me feel.

Somehow, I manage to have these things happen every morning. On the very rare occasion that I get up with a lot of time, something bad inevitably happens, and I'm late anyway.

I thought maybe it had something to do with living alone. I started that last year, having moved out of my parent's place, and gotten rid of the girlfriend a long time back. There's no one to prod me to get up, but that's not a good excuse. I think it's something about work, but I can't put my finger on it. Could be my health, or some sort of depression. Who knows.

For now, I'll go to bed, and try again tomorrow.