Marine Madness is a third party (not associated with Blizzard) map for the Blizzard produced game Starcraft with the point of the game being that a user either eliminates his opponents' bunkers, or reaches the set point value.

There are many variations of the "Madness' genre of games. The most notable of these are Marine Madness, Hydralisk Madness, and Evolving Madness. The one thing that was a common medium among all madness games was the spawning of your primary offense and defense units. One unit per one second is the average.

Marine Madness, in it's initital stages, was a 96 x 96 sized map, with a six player maximum. In this particular version, three teams of two people would kill opposing teams marines, and when a player achieved 50 kills, you would get a civilian. Civilians could be used to attain special hero units. Such units include: Overlord, Ghost, Infested Kerrigan, and Seige Tank. Each unit had a special ability and that is what made or broke the players game.

The second version, arguably the most popular of the Marine Madness games the map sized increased to the maximum 256 x 256. The player maximum was also raised to eight players. Like the first version, each player had a bunker, and instead of attaining civilians at every fifty kills, the hero reward system was altered. The point value to be attained is one million points. The spawning rate is the same as in the first version, one marine per one second. Your secondary weapon are heroes, like the first version. However, heroes are spawned when you achieve certain point totals. Zergling, Marine, Firebat, Goliath, Scout, Wraith, Science Vessel, Ghost, Reaver, Battlecruiser, Carrier, Medic, Hydralisk, Ultralisk, Arbiter, Defiler, Dark Templar, High Templar, and the Vulture are all some of the hero classes and designations that you can attain when the appropriate point total is attained.

The success of the players in the game often depend on proper tactics when using your marines. Although heroes are immensely powerful and can kill marines by the dozen with one attack, in some cases, the backbone of the game is the marine. Rushing tactics, pincer moves, luring, and formation is essential to be successful in Marine Madness.

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