A character in the Starcraft universe, member of the Terran species, and little known hero to the Terran species within the Brood War expantion pack to Brood War.

Edmund Duke is a general in the Sons of Korhal faction of the Terran species. In the StarCraft storylines, he is the man you are placed under, along with Jim Raynor. Edmund Duke eventually dies at the hands of the infested Sarah Kerrigan in the later stages of the Starcraft plotline.

Edmund Duke makes his most noticable appearances in the custom map Marine Madness. Along with almost every other hero mentioned in the StarCraft universe, Edmund is a hero given to you when you reach a certain point total, 27,500 points to be exact. While in his seige tank, Edmund is best used as a minimal defense to a massive rush of marines by an opponent. In seige mode, Edmund can be very easily destroyed. A group of 20 marines, the hydralisk, firebat (Gui Montag)/Marine (Jim Raynor) combo, wraith (Jim Raynor), and/or defiler's (Unclean One) plague attacks can all reduce the seige tank to scrap. The best way to use Edmund Duke in the Marine Madness game is to leave him in mobile mode, and let him defend your bunker against rogue hero attacks by an overzealous opponents.

Edmund Duke also makes a second appearance in the Marine Madness game. When you receive 250,000 points, you receive your second Terran Battlecruiser, the Norad II. Edmund Duke is in command of the ship, and along with her sistership Hyperion, and together with the ghost Sarah Kerrigan they make perhaps the most impressive hero killing machine in the game.

The only weakness of both incarnations of Edmund Duke is the mechanical nature of his mobility. Because of this, both forms can be locked down by a player that is saavy with his/her Kerrigan. Once locked down and set upon by another player's hero contingent, Edmund will be destroyed handily.

The character of Edmund Duke is much like Jim Raynor. Both are deeply torn between their own convictions and their loyalty to the army which they have sworn to serve. Both see that the leader of the army is corrupt and evil, yet they cannot due anything to him as he is who they have both sworn to defend. Although they don't see eye to eye on many issues, buth fight side by side for the better good of the Terrans. It has been widely speculated that Jim Raynor was the unknown son to Edmund Duke, and Duke the unknown father to Jim Raynor. If this were the case, it would explain them sharing many of the same tendancies and many of the same mannerisms. Edmund Duke is a loyalist; he makes an oath and he keeps it. This oath is what ultimately led to his demise.

Sources: www.blizzard.com/starcraft/ and my own memory

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