I was driving a truck through Barcelona, in a pack of other trucks. Funny, because I can't drive. Well, I arrived into some sort of parking, where the leader of the pack seemed to understood that I needed a smaller vehicle (I knew too, but I don't know why... even in the dream), so he gave the keys to a van. Then, a cute little woman got into the van.

I've got to admit that this horny teenager made a pass at the woman (it failed, of course).

Well, we were driving and then I made some crazy maneuver and a police car spotted us. They were chasing us, and as I knew we couldn't get away (the van was slower than their car, I cannot drive, and I was having a big problem with the gears), I got into a building's parking, after making some distance between them and us.

We got there and left the van, but in someone's parking place. He was around and started chasing us. Then, everything begin to go even wronger than before. I was going up and down the stairs like crazy, I think I knocked that guy off, there were police officers in the building...

Well, somehow, I managed to dodge all evil and I began to climb up the stairs to get outside the building, in the best leaves as if nothing had happened in front of the police tradition, when my real-life next door neighbor sees me and greets me. Well, I continue (though I knew they would get me later because of that), but I got up before getting totally out.

I just woke up. I need to write this up before I forget it. I manage to dream up some real oddball shit.

I was back in elementary school, except everyone was their current age, including me. It wasn't so much that I was back in school, it seemed to be more like a reunion. I recognized quite a few people. We were running around in the gym, just playing. It was fun. Then, we got in line just like we used to - by height. I was right up front, while picturing my taller friends in the back. That's where this dream ended.

Dream Shift

There were two restaurants, side by side on a hill on the edge of a busy street. I'm not too clear on the details of the first, except that it was on the right.

On the left, was a red and white wooden building (Sonny's BBQ-esque), and the place was called "Juxtaposition." (The letters were bubble letters in alternating colors between White, Orange, and Green, mounted just above the doorway.) It was supposed to be an alien-themed restaruant. There was no real easy way to get into their parking lot, so you had to park in the lot next door, and walk up the wooden deck stairs.

Upon entering the restaurant, it's clearly a lively place. People are sitting at the bar, at tables, and walking around. No aliens were in sight, nor did the owners make any sort of attempt to create an alien atmosphere. It seemed to be a plain restaurant.

I was about to find out the truth.

Time shifted ahead, and I was upstairs. (It appeared to be a three-story building from the outside.) The upstairs area revealed the building to be a house. Apparently, prior to the restaurant, this was a home. The upstairs had not yet been converted.

While walking down a hall, I looked into one of the rooms. I saw a very very small room, decorated all in powder blue. It was a square room, and on one side (closest to me and the doorway) was a cot-type bed - large enough for one person, and one person only. The head of the bed was pointed toward the door, where I was standing. Just past the head of the bed was a round nightstand, also powder blue. This was the closest object to the doorway, where I had been standing. On top of the table was a framed photograph of a woman, in her early to mid twenties (it was the only thing that stood out in the room). I don't know her.

I continued down the hall, and there was a group of people (around my age, early twenties) looking out one of the windows. Out the window, you were able to see another portion of the house which contained a shower. The people looking out the window were making fun of the guy in the shower, as they were able to see him.

Time shifted further ahead, and I felt an urgent need to get out of the restaurant. I wish I could remember why. I realized my wallet and something else I carry around (presumably my pager) were in the back seat of my car. I opened the back driver's side door, and there's a woman (late thirties, cigarette in her mouth, dark blue, collared shirt) - an employee of the restaurant - sitting in my driver's seat. She's pointing a silver, long barrel revolver at me. I take my wallet, the other thing (I couldn't clearly remember what it was), and I ask her where my keys are.

"Under your arm."

I reach under my arm, and sure enough, I had put my keys there earlier.

She got out of the car, still pointing the gun at me, and motioned for me to go back toward the restaurant. At the back of my car, she informed me of something.

"I'm dead, and now undead."

I looked at her, and managed to utter a slow "Ohhh-kay." She looked normal enough, though deep down, I knew she was telling the truth. I just didn't let it show.

She got angry, and shoved me. I got mad. "Look, lady. I have no idea how to respond to that." She then settled down a bit, and again, motioned me back into the restaurant.

Time shifted ahead, and we must've gotten back into the restaurant, because I was standing with her in the lobby by the bar, keys in hand. We were having a conversation, though I don't remember what. She still had the gun pointed at me. The exit was to my left, very close. So I did what any victim in a B-horror flick would do with an undead person pointing a gun at them.

I ran out the exit.

My car was directly ahead. (I must note that throughout the entire dream, it was actually *my car*, the one I drive in real life. A black, 1991 Nissan Stanza 4 door. I was a bit surprised at this.) I got to the car, and my door was locked. I started fumbling with my keys, and looked back toward the restaurant. The woman was headed for me, and she looked pissed. I had a hell of a time getting the key into the lock, and when I finally opened the door, she had reached the back of the car. I jumped in, and started to close the door really hard, until she caught it. I fought with her trying to close the door, and I eventually won. She stood there, looking at me through the window, wiping the moisture off the window with her hand. I got the impression she was about to break it. I threw the car into reverse, and backed out really fast. (When had I started it?) I think she managed to leap onto the car, and...

I woke up.

I'm with company (although I'm not sure who) in a grand, old stately home. Looking through a door into the courtyard I notice that a film or tv shoot is happening. They are filming a wedding in 1930's style. Wandering around I begin to notice the whole place is crawling with extras. Lavish costumes from several eras being modelled by even more lavish characters strutting their stuff.

Eventually, I/we come to a wing where everyone is in normal garb. I buy a Mars bar in the canteen. To my disappointment, it is not subsidised (costs 50p) but the lady at the till oh-so-casually enquires how the shoot is going, whether my equity card is up to date, etc. I bluff, 'Yes, thanks!' and hurry off feeling fretful.
Trying to get out.
Lot of top-notch designers, craftsmen, costume-makers...

Realisation - I/we are the focus for this production! It's for my benefit! With this epiphany under my belt I start to swagger about, feeling invincible. I spot John Thaw and hail him, 'Morse..!' in my plummiest tones. I'm getting matey with everyone.

Several people are invented. I vote them down. This puts them at 0 xp.

Later dream..

I'm in a big, plush bar. Very strong bouncers in waistcoats are setting out tables in rows for easy access (in case something happens). I'm impressed by their strength as they hold these table aloft by their cast-iron legs.

I had been on a spying mission a la Metal Gear Solid, and on the way out I had fought with my car, which had some weaponry. Colonel Campbell called me and told that in the next mission there will be a big firefight, so I might need to hire some help with the money I had found. I left my car and walked around the city, looking at different cars. When I noticed a yellow Chevrolet Chevelle, I stopped it and noticed that it had a familiar driver I had met somewhere before. He was happy to see me, and I asked if he'd fight with me for 600mk, and for such money, he accepted immediately! I knew that this guy had at least two large machineguns under the hood, two smaller ones between them, and because old american cars are made hard, it would be a good investment. He asked if he'd get to work with me for long-term for 100mk/mission, and though I was annoyed that I had offered so much for this one, I said that he'll get to work for that salary if he'd be good at the first mission..

There are sometimes when I wish that my dreams weren't so real, so often or so wonderful.

I had driven with some friends to San Francisco to attend a music camp that was there, apparently. I was given some sheet music, and we sat in the staduim-like seating getting ready to auditoin. I had gone outside to go to the restroom, I think, and had befriended another singer, who told me in no uncertain terms that the music I had was quite wrong, and that we were supposed to have a huge pile of music in our hands, of which we were only supposed to sing two specific pieces. I did not have either, and I even had trouble repeating them to her (she was appalled). Ah, arias.

Back at my room, I got a call from a friend I haven't heard from in quite a while. His voice was completely clear, I still remember. I asked him how he had found me there, in San Francisco, so randomly. He said he got the number from my Ex. My friend did not know I was away from home, only that he was calling to say hello. And also that he had promised my ex to send me to the east coast. And so...

There I was. It was a bonfire, I am pretty sure. And while it seemed so natural that I was there, I know that the only one I knew there was him. It was dark, and I think that there was a little small talk before he reached over and what seemed like forever passed between ghost-like kisses. I wasn't awkward, not tripping over myself leaning into him like I do..our fingers entwined and though it was so simple, it was passionate. And for once it didn't seem to matter that there were other people around. They probably didn't even exist. I don't remember much after that, but I think it is enough.

A shopping mall. Action heroes. The little one jumps through a full-length window in a small corner. There's a Time warp down the hall, floating like a save point.

"If we damage the window in the past, then this won't have happenned."
Keep going farther back, busting up that window, but not breaking it completely. Then we return to the present (or maybe a bit into the future) to find the window-with-a-hole-in-it replaced with a beautiful stained-glass religious icon, all in yellow and white. The face had a circle around it. Its features were very smooth.

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