In 1992, Stabbing Westward was featured in a compilation CD by Cargo Records with "Violent mood swings" The band then recorded demos of "Nothing" "Lies" and "Throw". Columbia liked them enough to sign. Back in England in '93, Stabbing recorded in Eden Studio in Chiswick with Jon Fryer. That September, Stabbing opened for Rage Against the Machine. February of 94 "Ungod" was released while the band toured with Therapy?, Paw and Machines of Loving Grace and later Depeche Mode and Primal scream

Whither, Blister, Burn and Peel is released in January '96 after being recorded in a haunted barn in Woodstock, NY While on tour with the Sex Pistols and Kiss, members of Stabbing Westward caught Kiss pillaging their fridge. Kiss was too embarased and had Stabbing Westward moved to the most remote dressing room possible. What Do I Have to Do climbed charts in 97, but MTV really loved them when they were the only band of the ones scheduled that actually played in subzero weather at the Snoasis festival

Darkest Days was recorded after the band moved to L.A. from Chicago. This was to be their deepest and most contriversial album yet. on the tour while promoting Darkest Days, Claudia Schiffer became a loyal fan when she accidentally walked in on the band changing. After the Darkest Days tour, Sony Music left them without a label. A year later, they were signed by Koch Entertainment and hired a new producer , Ed Buller. They let him refine the sound to be poppier and less angry, along with Tom Lord-alge (who has done The Wallflowers, Hole, Live) mixing the record.

Only time will tell if the masses will love the new sound or if Stabbing Westward has just gone soft.