Okay, so I stole the line from Sue Grafton. Sue me.

It still applies.

Scott, the damn boy scout, keeps trying to reassure me with the line "In ten years, will any of this matter?" Call me insane (many have), but this is strangely NOT comforting. If none of this is going to matter, hell, a month from now (and by 'this' I refer to the whole practice of life in general), then why should I even try and lever my pasty, cellulite-y ass out of bed in the mornings? On the flip side, if it doesn't matter, then what does it hurt for me to freak out and start blasting away with an AK-47? Or the metaphorical equivalent(aka Val)?

Thanks, Mom, for giving me all the inspiration I need to be so damn pessimistic.

June 6, 2002. 50 nodes and a year and a half later, I look back with a faint smile. Who was that girl? I know that I should have this nuked, that it doesn't add anything to the database, but two things prevent me from doing so. One, it is, after all, my very first node ever. I feel that I should hold onto it just for history's sake. And secondly, I'd like to keep a remembrance around of just how it felt, back in the day.

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