Hardcore, somewhat industrial band from Tucson, AZ. Their recordings were released on Mammoth Records, and they broke up on June 10, 2000. Before the end, they spent some time as The Machines. I, for one, will miss them.

According to Children of Sores, the unofficial fan site: "Machines of Loving Grace is a quartet whose music obliterates all considerations of genre by using stabbing guitars, pulsating keyboards, and a wide variety of rhythms to fuse industrial, post-punk, and melodic pop into a unique synthesis. Machines have released three albums including 1995's Gilt, 1993's Concentration, and their 1991 Debut album. They have managed impressively to be included in the unbelievable soundtrack to the The Crow and to The Hackers Soundtrack as well. Along the way with them is David Suycott who joined the band after leaving Stabbing Westward."

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