"Think you're in Heaven but you're living in Hell"Bob Marley
Sunday morning, just woke up after finially falling asleep at dawn about 5 and half hours earlier. Last night was a trip, my boss invited myself and a coworker to go to downtown NYC to ride mountain bikes around. Quite an experience. We were standing in central times square, and all of a sudden, through the rush of people, we hear an alarm going off across the street. Suddenly, a rather portly police officer crashes into me as I'm straddling my bike. I'm almost knocked over, and the cigarette I was smoking goes flying. Seems they were chasing these two black men who had just robbed the sports store across the street, for right before I was collided with, I made eye contact with this skinny little brother running by with a huge laundry bag filled with shoebox size parcels. Right after he passed me, he passed it off to someone waiting in the crowd, and because the police officer pursuing me got entangled in the front tire of my bike, he got away. The intrepid officers did manage to recover one of the bags of stolen goods, but made no arrests. They seemed rather relieved they didn't have to run anymore. In Florida, they just would have shot the guys, for the chance to get some live fire pratice in. It was interesting. From there, we hung out at a bar called Niso's, and explored the various ways one can become enibriated off of multiple shots of Blackhaus. Tried to convince the boss to bring us to a geisha house, but to no avail.
My boss's brother in law gave me a sweet desk. I know that sounds boring, but to me it's better than sex. It sucks to have a huge apato with barely any furniture. Now I can finailly get organized, and get some real work done.
I feel the northern vibe sinking back into me. When I was down south, I took everything as it came, no stress. You can't be stressed in the sun, just doesn't happen. Up here, the energy hums in the air, pervades the earth. It's a whole different she'bang. When we got back to the office at 4am, they tried to have one of those discussions about figuring out the universe, and I was frustrated, because although I like my boss and that one co-worker, I was a little dismayed at their level of philosophical discussion. But at least they were thinking, and that's what counts.
So my evil twin finailly speaks, and I hear that my old friends in Florida are alive and well. She speaks of rescuing me from up here...I'm not lost. I'm home, baby. I wanna rescue them from their life of apathy, but they're all too afraid to leave the warm arms of mother sand. Get up fly, fly away kids, before you get too old to do so. It's a big country, and I'm frustrated to think of the talent that's going to waste burning in the sun down there.