1. in the U.S., a pastry made from fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, which I've mostly seen at concession stands at state fairs and similar non-permanent events. The name comes from the shape.

2. in Indonesia, a kind of sweet cracker made from wheat flour, oven dried (source: http://www.cwa.tnet.co.th/vol6-1/elephant11.htm) I'm guessing that this name comes from the shape too.

3. a tropical plant with supposedly ear-shaped leaves, also called a dasheen or malanga (I think the leaves are almost heart-shaped; the idea of the name might have come from the idea of two ears together with no head in between). This plant is common in U.S gardens but must not be planted until the ground is quite warm.

4. an alcoholic drink -- the recipe I found at http://formen.ign.com/news/16050.html went:

  • one half Jack Daniels
  • one rum (Bacardi 151)
  • one vodka (Stoli)
  • one half Grand Marnier
  • four parts passion fruit juice
  • a dash of bitters

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